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Check Out Yelp.

Outstanding Support

We have one of the highest rated customer support teams in all of Long Beach. Check out what your colleagues are saying on Yelp and Angie’s List.

Free Diagnostics

Our work is done in-store and not sent out to “repair depots”. You will get your computer back much quicker. Big-box competitors will charge upwards of $70 just to look!

Experienced Technicians

Would you like an experienced technician to look at your computer and not a salesperson? Come visit us!

Operating Systems

We have experience in Windows, Apple iOS and Ubuntu Linux operating systems. Ask us about Linux Ubuntu as a solution for running on your older hardware.







Our Happy Clients

  • This place is no frills-they know what needs to be done, and they do it right. I'm glad I looked at yelp before taking in my laptop to get viruses removed and an overall tuneup. Sounds like some other LB shops don't perform like this place. So, head over and let them help you out. Fair prices and good customer service.

  • Called up Infinit Computer Services for the problems that I have been having with my laptop and was greeted with way better service than what I had received at Best Buy from the Geek Squad. They were fast at finding the problem and fixing the problem. I wasn't charged an arm and a leg like I would've been charged at Best Buy. Highly recommend.

  • Went here the other day to have them look at my laptop's charger and the guy there was EXTREMELY helpful! Not only did he take a look at it but he tested the power and educated me on what to look for if I wanted to get a new one. The fix took only about 30 seconds. This is an all around great guy and does honest business (which is rare now-a-days)

  • My sister was experiencing serious problems with her desktop computer screen freezing after booting up and her laptop wasn’t working as well.  So, I wanted to help her and began searching the Internet for a good computer repair company that would accommodate her needs. With my living on the East Coast and she on the West Coast, it was quite a task.  However, as fate would have it, I came across the Infiniti Computer Services website in her area. It seemed to have everything that she needed like free diagnostic testing, a pickup/deliver service for a modest fee and an outstanding customer support service.  Since my sister doesn’t drive and is on a fixed budget, this was ideal for her. Immediately, I sent an email to their website email address and went to bed.  To my amazement, I had a reply from Infiniti the very next morning.  This was incredible!  In the email, the specifics were all spelled out along with a payment agreement which was awkward for Infiniti as I would be paying all the costs from the East Coast.  Subsequently, I realized that I had been communicating via emails with the owner.  This was far better than I could have imagined. As we exchanged emails, the pickup service was arranged for my sister’s computer and laptop.  Once back in the store and the diagnostic tests were completed, I received an email detailing all the issues with both computers.  What I especially liked was the fact that Infiniti provided several options as how to proceed with the repairs including all costs involved.  I have never seen such professionalism and the quick turnaround with such courteous service.  Infiniti undoubtedly exceeded all of my expectations.  I’m sure that my sister will highly recommend Infiniti Computer Services to anyone in the area for their outstanding professionalism, services and reasonable prices.  

  • Wow! What a great change of a shop from one owner to another. The store was much nicer then the last time I was in and the prices have dropped. Barry, the new owner is very nice and professional and delivered on the timeframe. Check out all the used computers and  lap tops they are selling. Great prices and look brand new!  I'll be back when I need a new computer. New ones are way overpriced, even at the low pricing today. Barry said he does freelance IT work, which I may start using with my business and if I do, I'll update the review. Great job on making Infinity a great local shop that will save my day again

    Conde B
    Conde BYelp
  • This is a great place. The staff here goes the extra mile to be sure that the customer has the information needed and that all questions are answered thoroughly, with kindness and patience. Not only did they resolve my virus issues, I felt like a I learned a lot just by going in. The owner and the staff really make their clients feel welcome and appreciated. It's so good to have such competent, knowledgeable computer experts available. Even though I had always planned to use Infiniti, I never had the opportunity until the new owner took over, so cannot draw any comparisons.  I highly recommend this incarnation of Infiniti Computer Services to everyone.

    Kathy J
    Kathy J

Why you’ll love us

Packages that suit all budgets.

We cater to small and medium businesses as well as the home user. Rest assure, we can diagnose your computer at no charge. Our prices are fair and much lower than our competitors.

Free 30 day warranty on parts and service.

We offer a 30 day warranty on all parts and services, we do not charge “trip fees” and we do pro-rate after the first hour. It’s our way of showing how loyal we are with our customers.

Ready for an irreversible & ultimate support experience?

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